mercredi 15 octobre 2008

Una Pizca De Perfeccion

When I was out of here, 1000 Egyptians came to my tomb just to pay tribute to me. Honestly I was fucking busy building pyramids to the Mayans. I was born a longtime ago to a family of gods but nobody cared about who I was, may be among all my brothers and sisters, my fate was specially designed for human beings. Let's assume I do like them, we have played several games before but they always seem to lose. You know as my shrink you may have noticed that is like playing monopoly, they ask for favors but they throw the dice though, so I always wonder who in this race is gonna win. No wait ¡¡¡ , It's more like a PS2 game, with unlimited levels and plenty of characters set to finish the game but I don't really know what kind of ending I should make up. They possess pretty good skills like the soul for exemple, that in this case is more the real player behind the wheel, don't take me bad I want them to come to me, It's a shame that most of my people don't know how to ride on this theme park called creation.

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