mercredi 15 octobre 2008

"Clubbing With Angels"

Airwaves and cheap nachos. Spicy girl you're not my girlfriend anymore.
I work out since I lost you and my body becomes a fight machine.
The basis was easy an empty basement with too many words flying across,
too many people and one heaven for all of us.
Get closer I swear I've been practising not to screw it up again.
Would you think about my thoughts someday?
My crazy writing resembles you... such a big mouth with meaningless hearts
painted all around.
Openhearted blondes with blue eyes, stubborn colombians painting crazy
fat love scenes.
My morning view includes a landscape of several white walls, sometimes
I get to see your faces everywhere do that means I'll go soon???
Railways always end with edges, oceans grow around people to keep them separated,
Stop kissing me and kiss each other, doves are very excited tonite and nobody
could ruin this sucession of words... I forgot your sins and I wrote an only word
LOVE for you and me... and C'mon you know I ain't no joke.
My mind loves these characters they never stop killing each other.

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