dimanche 8 février 2009

generation X

Do I consider myself as a member of generation X?

Well if by generation x you mean, a certain group of people having in common being on their twenties and sharing a very particular interest in buying compulsively, I’d really consider the fact of belonging to such an institution.

First of all, I’d say the whole process doesn’t really start after the age majority but it starts since you realize through media, older relatives, friends and whatsoever that possessing seems to be the ideal and ultimate goal in this forced society of ours. I mean them and pretty much WE show to ourselves and everybody else that life is pointless unless you acquire this global notion of capitalism that helps going through this vast ocean of supply and demand.

Sometimes you do notice that there’s something wrong while most of the people you know can afford to buy expensive perfumes, fancy cars, luxury trips and trendy technological devices but on the other hand in developing countries and even first world countries poverty, stratification, famine and misery are unavoidable realities. So what on earth allow us to afford and expect a better level of life? Are the higher incomes, the strategic geographic position or the wise manipulation of resources? Well none of them, the key item to this society to work the way it does, it’s debt…

By controlling debt, you control the wages and the purchasing power; I’ll consider it as modern slavery.

The richest nations control the World Bank and the IMF (International Monetary Fund), institutions which promote the notion of scarcity among people as if there were not resources enough to house everyone and assure decent healthcare and education worldwide. As in addition it is true, we don’t have the money but we do have the resources…

So not to go further from the main topic of this paper, I’ll regard debt camouflaged and powered by our tendency to mass consumption while us Generation X’ers submit ourselves to monotone , boring and useless jobs that eventually get us dumb and surely will maintain this status of mediocrity and social reproduction. Jobs that provide money enough to cover basic necessities and appealing normal acquisitions such hobbies, entertainment and undefined items at the minimum level. So the real point is that the majority of people finding themselves in this state of scarcity will opt for loans to achieve the social status that the media standards promote.

So, after all this criticism I cannot deny my position in this group, I seldom work and when I do it I spend the gains received in basic necessities but really the highest percentage goes to materialistic and superficial expenses. Besides I own a credit card and whenever I’ve got this infamous yearning of buying something that I couldn’t afford I use it, promising that I eventually pay what I borrowed plus a tribute called interest so they can lend this money again and again completing this vicious circle.

I could blame a lot of factors for my condition or our condition and get really mad at them, but I conclude that the realization and consciousness of what we’re truly are and where should be pointing our actions will eventually improve our lifestyle.

Finally I add that my statement needs a deeper reflection and it’s really confusing, a fact that I will correct over time. Nevertheless I’m conscious that the most critical aspect it’s to correct my actions and channel them in the right direction to promote common welfare and unconditional love.

"You’re only as free as your purchasing power".

Peter Joseph