mercredi 15 octobre 2008

"I just wanted a sober kiss"

My favorite day was when you took the life out of me. Everyone
just crying around. Don't worry be happy being a girl is just lame.
A quart passed six it's the time to see how amazing is God,
frequently I cry cause' I love U so much then I just find out that you're loving
as well someone...
Could it be me?
Could it be French?
or just Gay?
couldn't have penis but What a nice Job¡
Pray and beg just for the corners of your being trying to pass it over trying to forget
and put it upside down same love once again.
You toooooook the style from me, I wasn't that sad since your freaking good bye.
No more angels flying across my head, remember when we were chatting
on the metro but you weren't there, it was just
myself playing to be God getting you to love me back... I missed my metro
station for you.
You get to be the queen with no name cause' if it wasn't for
the rails my train could have crashed once again and again.
My future is done, the heart of glass expressionless eyes and the frozen
ghost of the soul you just got.
For the prayers not to be alone anymore if it works God knows who's my love.

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